Employee Handbook

Welcome to our site. Around here we dig good coffee, music, art and free wine and beer. Unicorns are pretty cool too.

Ten years ago we asked a simple question. Can we create an agency that's intimate in scale, sizable in experience and rich in culture while producing smart, creative work we’re passionate about?

Ok, that's not a simple question —nor was the roadmap to the answer. Welcome east of Normal.

Why is it called East of Normal?

When people say Middle of the Road it usually means boring. When Nico started this agency I didn’t want anything we did to be averageWe do things East of average.

Living in the middle prevents you to do extraordinary things.

I didn’t want anything we did to be average we do things East of average.

with why

Why an agency like East of Normal?

When we started this agency the world was a very different place. Attention spans were getting very short to traditional advertising. The days of sitting through a commercial waiting for your favorite show to come back on were coming to an end. When people see a commercial that looks like a commercial on their social media they move on. When people drive their cars they don't look at the billboards on the highway anymore. they barely even look at the road. Their attention has shifted to their phone.

East of Normal was started to create content designed to deliver upfront value to potential customers and measurable ROI for brands that want to make an impact.