Tag Heuer x Porsche

Never Ending Now

East of Normal traveled out to the Mojave Desert to capture a 1982 Porsche 944, piloted by actress Gillian Bozzani through sun-baked flats, under blinking neon signs, and beside rusted train tracks.

This project is the latest in a long line of collaboration between Tag Heuer and Porsche, and it is fitting that two marques known worldwide for their timeless elegance have combined to pay tribute to one of the most enduringly beautiful landscapes on Planet Earth.

The resulting short film, directed by Damien Vignaux, brims with kinetic energy and evokes the singular romance of speeding through the land of Big Sky in a fast car.

Shot by Aleksander Kousotic in sumptuous natural light with Apogee Lenses and a Red Dragon camera, “Neverending Now” is a paean to the moment when past and future vanish in the rearview mirror.