About Us

An independent Content Production Studio in New York City. You hand us the back of a napkin, we dress the napkin in a bespoke suit, teach it kung-fu, and send it back on a vintage motorcycle, ready to set hearts afire. There’s no visual medium we can resist, and there’s no message we can’t make beautiful.

We produce videos, photos, websites, and design for some of the world’s most aesthetically-minded brands. Others say it sounds like hard work. We say it sounds like the beautiful things that we make get beamed across the world into grateful eyeballs everywhere. What is this “work” you speak of? The privilege of getting to do what we love —plus a never-ending cascade of the finest Colombian coffee —keeps East of Normal’s offices buzzing from sun-up to, well, whenever the hell we feel like.

Our team takes pride in the winding roads we took to arrive under this roof. Unconventional backgrounds, unique worldviews, and idiosyncratic taste in the visual arts yield work that simply can’t be matched by those living “by the book.” Put differently: We’re a little crazy. But we’re the kind of crazy that will make you never want to go back to normal. Come East. We’ll be waiting.

Nicolas Ramirez

Creative Director

Lili Ramirez